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 Adelle Blauser is a New York City based singer, actor, and teaching artist. Her love for teaching began just after graduating high school, when she taught guitar to students of all ages. She went on to receive a Bachelor of Music in vocal performance at  Bowling Green State University, where she studied classical voice and discovered her passion for vocal pedagogy. From there, she went on to pursue a master’s degree in vocal performance (musical theatre specialization) with an advanced certificate in vocal pedagogy at New York University Steinhardt School of Music.          

         As a performer, Adelle feels at home in many different styles: musical theater, classical, jazz, and pop to name a few.  Favorite roles include Hodel in Fiddler on the Roof (Waterville Playshop), Stella in Bonnie & Clyde (Toledo Repertoire), and Meg in Little Women (Act II Productions). Select opera experiences include Offenbach’s Le mariage aux lanternes (Navette cover), Cavalleria rusticana, The Gondoliers, and Street Scene. Since arriving in New York, Adelle Blauser has performed in cabarets at venues across the city, including the historic cabaret bar, The Duplex. She frequently performs her own material as a singer-songwriter and she is working on releasing an E.P. of her original music. Outside of solo work, she enjoys collaborating with other musicians, especially within the jazz canon.

    As a teacher, she is just as versatile. She has taught students from ages 3 to 88 (so far!) in a variety of different settings. She has served on the faculty of countless performing arts schools, including as an adjunct vocal instructor in the Music and Performing Arts Professions department at NYU Steinhardt and a vocal coach at Bowling Green State University’s Summer Music Institute, and at her privately operated voice studio. 



Voice lessons can be scary for singers at all levels! For beginners, it can be hard to take the plunge into singing in front of another person for the first time. For more advanced singers, it’s hard to take a step back and really confront vocal issues head-on. No matter which of these two scenarios you find yourself in, I believe that all singers- whether they belt into their hairbrushes or on Broadway- can benefit from work on technique. Through guidance, consistency, patience, and passion, I aim to give my singers freedom and flexibility throughout their voices. 


When a singer first comes to my studio, it is my job to listen with careful (and loving!) ears- to hear where the voice currently is, and where it could go. I select each vocal exercise (vocalise) for a specific purpose, to guide that voice into different directions. There’s a lot of experimentation here- my singers often make sounds that they have never made before. But as I often tell them, the key to being a great singer is exploring all of the sounds that your voice can make and then channeling them to your advantage. Once I have more of an idea as to where the singer’s voice could go, I introduce repertoire that I feel matches the singer’s current level of vocal coordination as well as their energy and persona. Few things are worse than singing repertoire you hate, so for that reason I love to let repertoire selection be a collaborative process. However, it is very important to me to select material that will take my singers further down the road in their vocal journeys. Consistency is key in learning to sing- I encourage my singers to build body and mental awareness while singing so that they have the ability to replicate sounds produced in lessons in personal practice sessions. 


I approach each lesson with both patience and passion. The passion I have for helping others unlock their voices and achieve singing goals keeps me motivated to find solutions for my singers. Maybe we have a lot of work to do in unlearning certain habits- maybe you’ve run into a lot of vocal problems due to them. It can be really hard to get over some of these issues. No matter where you’re coming from, it’s important to remember that building good vocal technique- like most things- is a process. There will be highs and lows. However, no matter how difficult it gets, I will always aim to help my singers find joy in the art and respect who they are as artists. Technique is almost never easy, but it is worth it.



Voice Lessons 


Looking to dive in to find, re-discover, or unlock your voice? This is the option for you. Voice lessons will include detailed work on vocal technique through the exploration of customized vocal exercises and carefully selected vocal repertoire. Together, we will create both long and short-term goals for your singing, spending each lesson working toward achieving them. No matter where you are in your vocal journey, this type of work can help you find freedom, flexibility, and longevity in your singing. Sessions can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes, and will include work on vocalises plus work and coaching on repertoire. The expectation is that singers will practice in between sessions at least 4 days a week. A perk of voice lessons with me is that I will be available to support you throughout the times in between lessons through check-ins via messages and video recordings.  

Coaching Sessions

Have an upcoming audition or performance? Already had some voice lessons and find yourself in need of just a little help on specific repertoire? This is for you. Let’s make that high belt-y section in your go-to audition song easier for you! We may also work on musicality and acting choices that could aid your vocalisms. Coaching sessions are 30, 45, or 60 minutes long. Singers should arrive warmed up and ready to work so that we can jump in to coaching. 

College Prep

Are you a high school junior or senior looking to major in music or musical theatre? This is for you! The journey of college auditions can feel long and extremely stressful. To be quite honest, I had no idea what I was doing when I applied to music school as a high school senior. I didn’t come from a musical family, so I was sort of figuring it out on my own. Thankfully, I had some wonderful music teachers who were able to guide me through it. If this sounds like you, then I want to provide you with guidance and support throughout this process. Through my college-prep program, I will provide you with the tools that you need to major in vocal performance, music education (voice), or musical theatre.  I’m here to assist you through everything from application counseling, audition preparation, and passing your music theory placement exam. Through weekly meetings, we will work on vocal technique in addition to all of the extra work that goes in the process of getting those acceptances to your dream music schools.  

Options for All Services:


1. Online

I offer online lessons and coachings via Facetime or Zoom. This is a great option for all students, regardless of location. 

2. In-Person: My Home Studio

You are welcome to come to my home studio for your lessons. Be warned that you might be greeted by my very friendly cat, Rizzo! 

3. In-Person: Your Home

I am willing to travel to students' homes for an additional fee. Conditions to this: students must reside within NYC, have a piano or keyboard available for use, and be full vaccinated against COVID-19. The additional fee is dependent on travel time from my home to yours. 



Can anyone learn to sing?


In short, yes. Your voice is an instrument, not unlike the piano, guitar, saxophone, or other instrument. There are muscles within the voice that must be strengthened and trained in order to have good vocal coordination. Some people may find singing to come more easily than others do, but that is due to a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with a singer’s level of talent. Passion for the art is the sole most important thing in singing. Learning to sing is truly just a matter of passion and hard work.  

What’s the difference between a voice teacher and a voice coach?


A voice teacher fosters a singer’s growth very carefully, working with the singer to set goals and giving them ways to achieve them through exercises and repertoire. A vocal coach works with singers who already have a good technical foundation on musicality and expression to help them create a thrilling, efficient, captivating vocal performance.  

What style of music can I sing in voice lessons? 


Ideally, a variety of styles! Whatever style you are hoping to sing, we will make that our goal. I take a functional approach to teaching voice, which means that I believe there are ways that we can develop vocal coordination through many different styles. As your voice teacher, I ask that I have a say in what repertoire you bring in to lessons since our focus is vocal growth. I will attempt to pick repertoire that aligns with your preferred style, but also aligns with our goals for your voice. This could mean that I will recommend that we work on classical music, if I think it will benefit your goals! Ultimately though, we will work on the music that you love to sing- but I ask that you have an open mind to potentially fall in love with other styles of music. 

I’m afraid that voice lessons will ruin the artistic sound I have going on.


I take a functional approach to singing- my goal with singers is not to change anything about the voice or who they are as an artist, but to make them comfortable and have ease and control in singing. Artistic individuality is my favorite thing. Bring me your artistic sound- let’s find a way to keep your voice serving exactly who you are while making it feel more free and easy.



"Adelle is an excellent instructor. She teaches technique in a really understandable way and you'll notice improvements after only a few lessons. She's also really perceptive, supportive, and flexible with what you want to learn. I'd highly recommend her studio!"

                                                                                   --Hayley G., NYU


"I really appreciate Adelle as a voice teacher. She is absolutely passionate and has a lot of technical and artistic knowledge about singing. She is able to pinpoint what you’re struggling with immediately and help you make progress quickly. Working with her is both fun and productive and she really helped me develop my confidence in singing."

                                                                                   --Mabel Z., NYU

"I have been singing with Adelle for a year. I love her teaching style so much! She is so sweet and also professional with what she does. Every week I look forward to having our lessons and pursuing a dream of mine since I was little. Taking lessons is 100% worth it, so I highly recommend this studio :) You will definitely become a better performer!"

                                                                                    --Charlote L., NYU


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