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Studio Policies

By studying with one of our teachers at The Adelle Blauser Voice Studio, students must adhere to the following policies: 



Upon scheduling, an invoice will be sent for payment. Receipt of payment serves as confirmation of scheduling. The selected time slot will be considered "available" until payment is received, and may be given away if payment is not made in a timely manner. Acceptable forms of payment include credit or debit cards and e-checks. 



Any lesson can be rescheduled if canceled within 12 hours of the scheduled time. No-shows will not be given a make-up lesson or a refund. If the lesson is canceled by the teacher, a make-up lesson will always be provided. 



It is acceptable to be late for a lesson, but teachers are not required to add additional teaching time beyond the scheduled time slot if a student is late to their lesson. 



In the case of adult students, 1 additional person may attend the lesson as an observer at any time, provided advanced notice to the teacher is given. Parents or guardians are always welcome (and encouraged!) to observe their childrens’ lessons.

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