Adelle Blauser

Singer. Actor. Musician. 

I'm a paragraph. 

(Just kidding. Wix suggested that I say that.) 

I'm actually a singer, actor, and musician based in New York City. Usually, people put where they're from on these things, but as a former Navy kid, I'm not really from anywhere in particular. Recently, I graduated from New York University with an MM in Vocal Performance (Musical Theatre Concentration) and before that I did a BM in Vocal Performance (Classical Voice) at Bowling Green State University. I've performed in many different outlets before, but I'm most passionate about developing new works by up and coming writers and composers. Let's collaborate and make cool new art! 



Adelle in Action!

Piano: Phil Kadet; Bass: Thomas Carley; Drums: Jared Shaw 

Let's collaborate! :)

These are unprecedented times, but it's so important to keep creating. Let's work together! 

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