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Can anyone learn to sing?


In short, yes. Your voice is an instrument, not unlike the piano, guitar, saxophone, or other instrument. There are muscles within the voice that must be strengthened and trained in order to have good vocal coordination. Some people may find singing to come more easily than others do, but that is due to a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with a singer’s level of talent. Passion for the art is the sole most important thing in singing. Learning to sing is truly just a matter of passion and hard work.  

What’s the difference between a voice teacher and a voice coach?


A voice teacher fosters a singer’s growth very carefully, working with the singer to set goals and giving them ways to achieve them through exercises and repertoire. A vocal coach works with singers who already have a good technical foundation on musicality and expression to help them create a thrilling, efficient, captivating vocal performance.  

Can I make specific requests for the teacher I am placed with? (a woman, a person of color, fluent in Spanish, etc) 

We understand that exploring one's artistic identity is a very vulnerable process, and that it is important to do so with a teacher you feel comfortable with. We will do our very best to accommodate these requests, even if it means pointing prospective students toward other studios. 

What style of music can I sing in voice lessons? 

Ideally, a variety of styles! Whatever style you are hoping to sing, your teacher will make that the goal. We take a functional approach to teaching voice, which means that we believe there are ways to develop vocal coordination through many different styles. Your teacher will have a say in what repertoire you will be working on in your lessons, because the aim is vocal growth. Your teacher will pick repertoire that not only aligns with your preferred style, but also aligns with the goals you have set for your voice. This could mean that your teacher will recommend that you work on classical music, if they think that it will serve your voice and your goals. Ultimately though, you will work on the music that you love to sing- but we ask that you come with an open mind. Who knows- maybe you will fall in love with another style of music in the process!  

I’m afraid that voice lessons will ruin the artistic sound I have going on.

This is a common fear. At The Adelle Blauser Voice Studio, artistic individuality is our favorite thing. Our goal with singers is never to change anything about the voice or who they are as an artist, but to help them find comfort, ease, and control in their singing. Bring us your artistic sound- let’s find a way to keep your voice serving exactly who you are while making it feel more free and easy.

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